Wisconsin Department of Health Services

WILMS - Wisconsin Logon Management System


You are about to access a State of Wisconsin computer system.
This is a restricted computer system for authorized users only.

All equipment, systems, services, and software connected to this system are intended only for official business use of the State of Wisconsin, and may contain U.S. Government information. All data contained on this system is owned by the State of Wisconsin.

The State of Wisconsin reserves the right to audit, monitor, record and/or disclose all transactions and data sent over this system in a manner consistent with state and federal law. Use of this system by any user, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring, recording, reading, copying, or capturing and disclosure of data and transactions by authorized personnel.

Only software and/or hardware approved, scanned, and licensed for State of Wisconsin use is permitted on this system. Any illegal, unauthorized use or modification of the State of Wisconsin data, equipment, systems, services, or software by any person(s) is prohibited, may be subject to civil or criminal prosecution under state and/or federal laws, and may also result in disciplinary action where appropriate.

You should only access, create, or file the information that is needed to complete your task and is appropriate for the site being accessed.

It is your responsibility to ensure your access to this system is revoked when your employment or need for access ends. If you are aware that you ending your employment, you must promptly provide your agency’s security officer and management the end date of your employment.